The year 2021 holds a lot of promise for the digital marketing industry! Because we continue to operate from home, the majority of our digital marketing campaigns are still virtual (and understandably so). Fortunately, the digital marketing world has long embraced virtual campaigning, which has continued to grow – especially in the healthcare marketing area.

Of course, as anyone who lived through the year 2020 can attest, nothing is definite in these times, and making forecasts can feel like a fool’s errand. Nonetheless, with the introduction of vaccines, we at ADMA have reason to believe that brighter days are not only conceivable, but also on the way.

In that spirit, are three key tips regarding to look for across the industry as the year progresses:

1. A Shift from Virtual Campaigns to Mixed-Environment Campaigns

As more individuals are vaccinated (and hence immunised), trends will gradually change toward a reality that reflects an increase in mixed-environment campaigns while still maintaining the digital core. This will impact people’s perceptions of marketing campaigns of all sizes and across all brands in terms of how, where, and how they are delivered. The trick is to be adaptable and willing to pivot. Maybe they’ll want increases in PPC in one region or A/B testing for their SEO copy with another. In any event, be ready to be open and flexible to change.

2. Balancing In-Person Work with Remote Work

Because of the pandemic, the work-from-home paradigm has been irrevocably altered; yet, even when COVID-19 is sent to the trash of history, a significant number of enterprises will continue to provide work-from-home as a permanent alternative for all those who desire it. This will effect not only digital marketing agencies, but also their clients. One of the most important indicators of a client’s receptivity is

3. Keep the Focus on Digital

A huge point of any digital marketing campaign going forward into the foreseeable future will be how safely the work one is promoting can be done or utilized. Given that masks will likely be worn well into 2021 and social distancing still strongly encouraged, it’s important to know that just because we’re out of 2020 doesn’t mean we should abandon how we’ve adapted to this new world because of it. Therefore, it’s important to continue wide-ranging digital efforts. This should spread towards everything from ROI-oriented analytics to web designs and landing pages and everything in between.

Everyone you ask will have a different answer to this question: “What will this year bring?”

Each perspective is different as new digital marketing territory continues to be discovered. As long as you have the tools necessary to thrive in this new reality, the sky’s the limit!

At ADMA, we’re here to help with any and all digital marketing efforts you need, from PPC to SEO Services and everything in between! You can reach out to us here if you need assistance with your digital marketing agency plan.

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