At present, most businesses, big and small, have their web addresses to connect, attract, and engage with the target audience. The website is the first point of contact between a business and its clients/consumers. Therefore, you need seasoned professionals from a trusted and reputed web design company in London as your chief architects. For an all-encompassing impact, your web design efforts should also correlate with digital marketing efforts. Only then can you expect your business to outshine the competitors’. The moral of the story: web design/development and digital marketing agency in London are both sides of the same coin.

Website Design + Digital Marketing = Increase in Revenue

The professionals working on web development in London stress merging it with compatible digital marketing techniques to maximize business returns.

Brand Identity

In today’s competitive market, a positive brand identity is everything. A website creates the first brand impression in the minds of the target audience. It represents your brand, highlighting its USPs and camouflaging its shortcomings. Here’s where the web design company in London, working for you, blends in marketing elements. They ensure that the look and feel when attempting website design in London is in confluence with the:

  • Placement of the company logo.
  • Use of company colours and the font.
  • Images and videos.
  • Content (taglines, motto, captions, etc.).
  • Promotional banners and likewise.

Other content-related placements such as the white paper, project portfolio, charts and graphs, etc., should perfectly balance the page design. A small tip here: when working with a website design company, ensure that they have the required knowledge about digital marketing in London.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO tactics are recognised by website design experts in London since they produce organic traffic for the website. Poor SEO can reduce a website’s visibility, which can have a negative influence on business. There have been cases where a website design studio has had to entirely redo a website due to some basic SEO mistakes made during the development process. A web design company in London is notified whenever there is a significant Google update.

In 2019, Google updated mobile-first indexing, meaning that the search engine would focus on indexing mobile websites. Following that, the website’s design and layout had to be changed to maintain high page rankings.

Another example that will help you understand the importance of SEO Agency London for website design. When developing a website and uploading the content, one should ensure that it is not duplicate. Google will immediately flag it, and your page ranking will plummet.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is a systematic process of converting website traffic into purchasing customers, and a website design studio should have experts in this field.
The conversion rate increases immediately when your website design business in London can give excellent page layout and presentation. In the perspective of the public, a well-designed website boosts the trustworthiness of a company.

A good website design company will always strike a balance between simplicity and functionality when designing a site. That draws the attention of the target audience the most.

User Experience

How much time does your website taking to load? How easy is it to find a product or page on your website? Does it take a lot of time for a video to play or a picture to load on your site? Your user experience is determined by all of the above, which is as good as your page design. It’s the primary requisite to be maintained by a web design services in London.

The website should be easy to navigate; it should have a clear and concise layout, with all the elements in a harmonious balance. When inserting videos and pictures, those should be strategically optimized through digital marketing in London. Otherwise, it might increase the page loading time, turning away the consumer. The URLs on the website should be workable, or else it creates a negative impression on the visitor’s mind.


To summarise, your website design agency should work and construct the page while keeping in mind the important parts of digital marketing in London, or your page ranking and online exposure will suffer. The combination of digital marketing and web development in London will increase your website’s ability to create more business by increasing visibility.

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