Now more than ever, the world is dominated by visuals. People send all their enquiries to look at. Social media are more popular. Content sharing platforms are being praised. And The biggest social video platform YouTube continued to grow this year.

To attract more customers and increase brand awareness, there are few things you can do besides create content. When multi-dimensional marketing or video marketing works, it can surely help you attract more customers.

Why Use Video Ads?

Once upon a time, being a big brand meant that yo have both the budget to hire marketing assistants to create marketing plans, invest in high-end marketing tools, invest in the latest technology so the campaigns are more efficient, and have high-end marketing campaigns. But with Youtube, there are professional content creators taping what you are taping so being big is no longer better.

Ads on YouTube are easily priced out over the Internet, measurable via analytics, or local, depending on what you are or are not, targeting possible customers down to the household level. Why then are video ads effective Digital Marketing Agency tools?

When it comes to video ads, experts have referred to them as “halo-effect” ads. In other words, although a customer doesn’t make a purchase immediately, without fail, they will make a purchase more than a year later on.

When you search your product or category, 80% of your visitors will switch to videos when watching by their computers. Find ways video ads can be shown on these top product and marketing search results.

Driving more traffic, paid search engine marketing encourages more specific marketing behavior from visitors as well as conversion rate for website.

In case you’ve been thinking in terms of sheer opportunity involving video marketing, YouTube offers a vastly expanded opportunity compared to any other form of advertising. For example, in 2010 Google had a 450% growth in commercial enterprise, and it’s growing exponentially.

YouTube Advertising

Just use YouTube’s YouTube Insights to find out why video ads are a good investment.

The video platform YouTube is currently used by more than two billion views monthly and they add one billion hours of video content each day. In a 2018 Brightcove Research Video Marketing Survey conducted by Brightcove, 50% of customers have engaged using a brand after viewing a video ad, whereas according to Pew Research Centre, most adults and 95% of the young adults have used YouTube.

YouTube has the unique distinction of being used with ‘search intent,’ meaning consumers navigate the platform by specifically searching for what they want. This is use cases for advertisers who can take advantage of YouTube’s Custom Intent Audiences feature.

Create Engaging Content

It’s no secret that today’s attention spans are diminishing, and having little patience for adverts, users aren’t interested in video. Due to this, there should be a reward for engaging with your ad, usually one that is linked with another purchase or other special benefits for your subscriber. Although there should always be a reward, an action should allow a shorter attention span. By making use of human status and understanding the importance of time, a video can achieve this faster, while also lowering your cost per subscription or removing that initial burst of advertisements before your subscribers get used to it.

Videos on YouTube can be creative, engaging, and true-to-brand. Although the sound is less likely to be necessary on it, video is still more eye-catching than a Facebook video. The written content of the clip should always surpass the visuals and impact on viewers more actively.

For developing effective video ads, audience engagement is key. know who you are advertising to! Another tip for marketers does not just produce the message but ensure the right audience hears it.

Looking For Digital Marketing Results?

With the help of ADMA, our goal is to support your marketing goals and unique business needs. We consult you and tailor a marketing plan that will best suit your business and your budget.

Whether it’s through video campaigns or a custom marketing strategy, we’re committed to supporting your business and taking you to the next level!

How To Attract Customers With Video Ads In 2022

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Create Engaging Content •
Looking For Digital Marketing Results?

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